About Nick

Nick Kienzle Studio

Photo by Damien Weidner Photography

I am a cartoonist and illustrator creating mysterious characters and worlds through visual stories.

I trained and worked with veteran artist Sam Mylin over many years before going on to study Game Art & Design and Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division. Out of art school, I spent four years organizing a local organization for young cartoonists. During this time, I began working as a caricature artist and have drawn over 21,000 faces across several states over the course of ten years doing this professionally. In 2015, I married fellow illustrator Hannah Kienzle and a year later, we renovated a camper van into a mobile studio which we used to travel the States. We visited some of the big influences in our lives, like the Charles Schulz Museum and Disney World before relocating to Asheville, North Carolina where we live and work.

Over this summer, I finished my first full-length graphic novel called Skull Behind The Sky and am working on a few other exciting projects to be announced later this year.