5.28.19 - LIVE
AND it's live! You can click the image above to support the Kickstarter to help get my second, full-length graphic novel printed!
5.8.19 - LAUNCHPAD
Exactly one year ago I announced I was working on Our Dark Eye and I’m really excited to announce now that it is essentially finished (minus a few tweaks and adjustments here and there) and the Kickstarter to get the first round of printing funded will be going live on MAY 28TH!
I think you guys will like it and I’m pumped to finish this up and get a copy into your hands! Stayed tuned as we get closed to the day!
3.20.19 - Spring Forward, Reflect Back
Fitting that on this first day of spring in a new year, I just received the absolutely gorgeous Myst 25th Anniversary Linking Book. Yes, that panel actually plays the fly-by video, just like in the game. 
I knew it was going to be an emotional experience having this in my hand, but didn't expect to tear up. It was as if I was that 12-year-old kid again, seeing Myst being played at a family friend's house in a dimly lit living room, wondering what magic lay just beyond those pine trees.
Fast forward 18 years later, and as I stare at this beautifully done memorial to one of the biggest creative influences for me as an artist, it excites me to look forward to my own creative endeavors, this journey of creating my own visual worlds to explore, both in print form as well as my first interactive project.
Thank you Cyan, thank you Rand, Robyn, Chuck and the whole team for building a surreal world that truly did become my own.
9.21.18 - Entering A New Decade of Making Magic
After a little over a month, Hannah and I are finally adjusting to heat of the sunny Orlando area. I've been at my new role with the incredibly talented artists at Artistic Talent Group for a few weeks now, drawing caricatures and other illustrations across a variety of Disney resorts in the area. Hannah is easing into her role in the Walt Disney Company as well, and we are enjoying this new adventure.
This week I turned 30 and am very excited for this new chapter of life. I've begun to prioritize things things that matter, including working on my own projects before my day job. That has been a great help with chipping away at Our Dark Eye as well as some other projects on the back burner. Things are extremely busy, but it's a great journey and I will be posting more details about Our Dark Eye in the next couple of weeks!
7.16.18 - New Horizons Under New Skies
A few weeks ago my wife and I got the confirmation that she is going to be working for the Walt Disney Company starting at the beginning of August. This means we will be moving from the foggy mountains of Western North Carolina to the sunny skies of the Orlando, Florida area! 
It’s an exciting time and we’re pumped to start this new leg of our journey, moving all our earthly possessions and studio equipment south once again. Our Dark Eye is still in production, though work on it has slowed recently as we prepare for our move.  
5.8.18 - Our Dark Eye - An original graphic novel coming soon!
Hi everyone! I'm pleased to announce my next project - Our Dark Eye is an original 250-page graphic novel coming 2019!
In 1997, Clyde and Evelyn Bandings ventured into the woods of northern Oregon to photograph strange formations in the wildlife. What they discovered was something far more dangerous.
I've finished the thumbnails for the project and am starting to ink the pages now. Here's the fun part: Starting May 19th, I'm going to be live streaming on Instagram from my studio every Saturday morning at 9:00AM. Grab your cereal and a donut or two, and join me as I drink coffee and draw comics live. You'll get to see the progress of the graphic novel and as well other projects I'm working on, and most likely an occasional interruption from our Siamese kitten, Poppy.
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